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Picture your Microbes

"Picture your Microbes" is a European Project connecting science and visual assets to bring awareness on the importance of our microbiome.

The "Picture your Microbes" project is a collaborative effort between science and visual arts to create awareness about the importance of our microbiome. The project is funded by the EIT Food consortium and coordinated by the IMDEA Food Institute. Its primary objective is to educate people, particularly those living with overweight or obesity, about the significance of taking care of our body microbiota. Through a combination of photography and science, the project aims to empower citizens to make informed decisions about their nutritional health.

The project features five infographics that were included in the Photo Book, which explains different topics about our microbiota. These infographics cover important aspects such as Disbiosis, Bifidobacterium, the relation between Nutrition and Microbiota, Short-chain fatty acids, and Microbiota and Obesity and metabolic diseases.

These infographics have been displayed in few exhibitions in Zaragoza, Spain.


The outcome of the Project was compiled in the Photo Book "Picture your Microbes" that can be found here.

Project Gallery

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