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Current science has reached a point where the need for Visual Campaigns is critical. The current and expanding deluge of data is overwhelming. There is a pressing need to present the most relevant bits of data and visualising them in a graphical/animated manner. Graphic Design has been pushing to break into scientific research. It promises to help scientists present their sophisticated data in a more visual fashion which is easy to understand by their peers and society.


 However: Are the scientists willing to become designers? Do they have the time and training for it? Scientists have been trained and have developed different sets of skills. However given their hectic schedules, they are unlikely to have the time to focus on presentations although most agree that there is an urgent need for graphical assets, beautiful and professional visual aids to communicating their data in a nice and effective manner.

This is where the Visual Thinker can step in.

The Visual Thinker will work closely with you to determine the best means to tell your story. We offer an extensive range of services to suit all the needs of your projects.

Interested in creating a Visual Project together? Email me at and we can discuss about your ideas and how to take them in the Visual kingdom or you can request a quote at my Contact Us form.

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But do it! It will be great fun working together!



Professional imagery always helps to engage reader and convey your message more easily. 


Why denying it? All of us will love to have our work featured at the cover of a journal.

2D & 3D Animation

Some times statics imagery is not just enough. Embrace the power of multiple frames to explain your concepts. 


Creating professional and engaging slides requires a lot of time. Poor quality visuals make the audience disconnect regardless of the message. 


They can sum up your manuscript’s results in an informative way that increases the impact and visibility of your work.


 Branding is not anymore for advertising agencies. In our current world it is important to create a suitable identity to interact with peers and society.


How does the process work

  • STEP 1: Contact Us

    Head over the Contact Me page in this site. Explain briefly what your project is about, together with every idea you have. You should mention your target audience and your estimated timeline. The Visual Thinker will contact you either by email or Skype to discuss further the details of your project, and provide you with an estimated cost.

  • STEP 2: Research on the topic

    The Visual Thinker will gather information about your project. She has experience in Science, so SHE can easily come up with a story for your topic, but remember that you have the spin and angle that you want to give it.

  • STEP 3: Mocked design for discussion until approval

    Preliminary sketches and semi-rendered images or videos will be prepared to showcase the different ways to illustrate your story and to assess the scientific accuracy of the content. It is the time for collective brainstorming. Remember to give useful inputs that can end up producing THE PRODUCT that you are seeking. Communication is key to achieve effectiveness in this process.

  • STEP 4: Project Delivery & Closing.

    Once you have approved a version for your project, the Visual Thinker will deliver a digital copy containing the final files, depending on the nature of your project (tif, png, videos files in mp4 format, slides in Powerpoint or Keynote) and, if needed, a copy of all the assets included in these files. And finally it is time to make your payment to The Visual Thinker. With a growing toddler, money is always a necessity.



There is no unique answer to that question. All the projects are custom and a variety of factors will determine the final cost. 

  • The number of Illustrations or any other assets requested. Ask for our Packages Prices.

  • The degree of rendering, and thus time it takes to create the asset. Black and white? Color? Detail level?

  • Usage, market, distribution and rights. Ask for our Student and Academic prices.

  • Factors that can significantly effect the cost of an image include the style or technique chosen, amount of research required, complexity of the story being told, turn around time and usage.

  • Copyright to the images is maintained by me, the artist. However, interested clients can always inquire about purchasing a full buy-out to the illustration.

Without this information I cannot provide you with an accurate estimate. The best way to get an estimate is to contact me and we will talk about your project. Anyway the initial consultation is always free, so why not to try?

I have been a scientist for quite few years, but I decided to keep helping science through visual stories rather than research.  I understand perfectly the different situations in scientific environments, I am striving to work within your budget and adjust to your constraints. I am pretty sure we can discuss and find a match of my services and skills to your needs. 

Let's work together!

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