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In modern science, the abundance of information has made visual campaigns an essential element.
To convey complex observations easily and engagingly, scientists increasingly rely on visuals such as illustrations, infographics, and animations.
Visual communication plays a vital role in scientific research as it effectively presents scientific messages that both peers and society can easily comprehend.
Many scientists may be hesitant to become visual communicators, either due to a lack of time, necessary skills, or training.
Though they recognize the importance of professional and engaging assets to effectively communicate their projects, their busy schedules may prevent them from dedicating the time needed to create these visuals.
Rather than expecting scientists to become experts in visual communication, we should allow them to focus on their area of expertise and support them by providing the necessary visual communication outlets.

This is where The Visual Thinker can step in

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Contact Us

Click on the Contact section and briefly explain your project and tentative deadline.

The Visual Thinker will contact you to discuss further your needs, target audience, preferred image style, and licensing rights.

Share any references or materials related to your project.

Once we have a good idea of your project's complexity, we'll provide you with a quote and terms for review, including project description, rights transfer, fees, and other unique terms.


Research on the topic

After finalizing the contract, we will begin research and preliminary development of concept drawings for your story.

The Visual Thinker will gather information about your project, and we will work together to develop a story that aligns with your vision.

We will create preliminary sketches and semi-rendered images or videos to showcase different ways to illustrate your story and assess the scientific accuracy of the content.

We will continually revise the preliminary concept proofs at this stage until we have the artwork and message just right.

Communication is critical to achieving effectiveness in this process. Be sure to provide useful inputs that can end up producing the product you're seeking.


Mocked Design for discussion until approval

Once we have your final approval of the concept proof, The Visual Thinker will begin working on the final artwork. Near completion, we will send you one final proof for any minor revisions.


Project Delivery & Payment

With the piece approved and finished, we will deliver the project files to you electronically via a WeTransfer link. 

Finally, it's time to make your payment to The Visual Thinker.



There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much an illustration project will cost, as each project is unique, and different considerations determine the final price.

Factors affecting the project cost include the style or technique chosen, the amount of research required, the story's complexity, turnaround time, and usage rights.

You can ask about our package prices and student/academic discounts to get a better idea of pricing.

Please note that we will maintain the copyright to any images created, but clients may inquire about purchasing a full buy-out of the illustration.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific project, it's best to contact us for a consultation. The initial consultation is always free, so there's no harm in trying.

As a former scientist, we understand the needs and constraints of scientific environments and are committed to working within your budget to provide quality visual storytelling services.

The Visual Thinker will work closely with you to determine the best means to tell your story. We offer an extensive range of services to suit all the needs of your projects.


We are excited to hear from you and explore how we can help bring your creative vision to life in the world of visuals.

Thanks for submitting!

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